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Food for the future

Dibble is based in Sydney, Australia! All of our healthy condiments are not only made locally but also free from eggs, gluten, soy, nuts, dairy, GMO and cholesterol. As purveyors of sustainable and plant-based condiments, we’re dedicated to proving that you can make a positive impact, and it all begins with a simple jar of mayo, aioli or sour cream. 

We started with a simple question: "Can we promote sustainability through food?" With our passion for delicious food and background in food technology we discovered how to make healthy condiments even better, without any eggs involved. Creating a variety of your favourite healthy condiments while maximising it's sustainability impact is our mission!

Dibble Mayo was our first product - simple yet essential. This vegan sauce is made from plant-based ingredients but has the same flavour, texture and aroma as its egg-based counterpart. From this, we explored the crowd-pleaser, garlic aioli, and createdDibble Garlic Aioli, sure to satisfy all the garlic lovers out there! And for all the spicy food enthusiasts, we developedDibble Chipotle Mayo, a vegan condiment made from a unique combination of spices and aromatic vegetables that will give you that extra kick! On top of our range of healthy sauces, we addedDibble Sour Cream which we are proud to produce not just Australia's, but the WORLD'S FIRST palm oil, nut, and soy-free vegan sour cream! It's thick, rich, creamy and can be used in any dairy-based sour cream recipe.