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Eat Good. Do Good.

Dibble is on a mission: to produce delicious, sustainable foods while creating greater awareness of the long-term effects today’s food can have on tomorrow’s environment.

Think local, act global.

We’re an Aussie food company producing game-changing sustainable foods, right here in Sydney! As purveyors of plant-based foods, we’re here to prove you can make a difference, and it all begins with a simple jar of mayo or aioli. 


Did you know it takes 83L of water to produce just the egg-content in an average jar of traditional mayonnaise? Crazy, huh! That’s why instead of eggs, the Dibble crew use aquafaba – the water leftover from cooked chickpeas – to make the most delicious, plant-based mayonnaises and aioli.

But we don’t just talk-the-sustainability-talk, we also walk-the-walk… While most restaurants normally toss this liquid gold, Dibble has been working with local businesses to collect their unwanted aquafaba, which means we’re helping reduce waste AND create delicious, sustainable products. Goals.

The Founder

Vuong Nguyen discovered his passion for food innovation in the beverage space where he co-founded Australia’s premier non-dairy beverage company, Inside Out. It was with his first company that he grew a knack for branding and food creativity which lead to the Australian pioneering of cold-pressurised almond milk, coconut milk, organic cacao almond milk, salted caramel almond milk and many other Australian-first beverages. After more than 4 years of building the brand from his kitchen bench to national retailers such as Woolworths and Costco, Vuong took a 2 year hiatus from his company to further develop his food technology craft and went on to develop products for some of the world’s largest food brands.

It was during this time that he discovered a need for sustainability and how food could play a major role. This was when he realised he could help promote more eco-friendly living through food and it was at that point that he quit his food technology career and founded Dibble. Oh and yes, Vuong’s vegan..