April 19, 2020 3 min read

In case you haven't noticed, we're bread people! Awesome ingredients in this vegan loaded sourdough include leeks, garlic, cherry tomatoes, parsley and Dibble Sour Cream. This recipe is essentially a cheesy pull-apart bread that is creamy and rich. There are other ways to get creative with this loaded sourdough recipe. Like playing around with the style of the cuts: you can do a cross hatch, stripes, thin slices, thick slices and even just removing a large portion in the middle (like a cob loaf)! As long as the cut is able to hold the juicy fillings when this bread is in the oven, you're good to go. You can also customise the ingredients by substituting your favourite cheeses (we used a dairy-free cheese for this recipe) or even adding in other ingredients like thinly sliced potatoes, zucchinis, capsicums or even chickpeas.

There's something incredibly satisfying when it comes to pulling apart the loaded sourdough, fresh out of the oven. You get to experience the stringy-cheese like texture with the warm steam coming out of the bread, mixed with the savoury and tangy flavour of Dibble Sour Cream - dream!

Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook Time 1 hour

Serves 6

Difficulty Easy as!


  • 1 loaf of sourdough bread

  • 1 Tbsp olive oil

  • 1/2 brown onion, finely diced

  • 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced

  • 1 cup leeks, thinly sliced

  • 1 Tbsp corn flour

  • 100ml water

  • 1/2 cup almond milk

  • 4 Tbsp Dibble Sour Cream

  • 1 tsp nutmeg

  • 2 Tbsp parsley, finely chopped

  • Pinch of salt and pepper

  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes, quartered

  • 200g dairy-free cheese block (optional)



  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C

  2. In a medium pan on medium heat, add the oil and cook the onions until they become glassy.

  3. Add in the garlic and cook for 2 minutes or until aromatic.

  4. Add the leeks, pinch of salt and pepper and cook for 2-3 minutes making sure to not fully cook them.

  5. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the flour and water.

  6. Add in Dibble Sour Cream, almond milk, nutmeg, 1 Tbsp parsley, salt, pepper and lightly mix it making sure to not over-mix it (should be quite viscous).

  7. Add the cooked leeks into the bowl and gently fold in.

  8. Lay the sourdough on 2 perpendicular baking papers (should be long enough to wrap the loaf).

  9. Cut the sourdough into about 2cm thick slices, making sure to not cut all the way down to the bottom of the loaf.

  10. Roughly brush the insides of the loaf with the extra virgin olive oil.

  11. Evenly distribute the cherry tomatoes in between the slices.

  12. Using a large spoon, add the leek mixture in between the slices.

  13. Cut the block of cheese into 1/2 cm slices or enough for the number of slices in the sourdough and wedge the pieces in between the slices.

  14. Wrap the sourdough with the baking paper and with an additional sheet of foil on top, tucking the edges below the loaf.

  15. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

  16. Remove the baking paper and foil and bake for another 10 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

  17. Remove the sourdough from the oven, brush the top with extra virgin olive oil and top with the parsley, salt and pepper.

  18. Enjoy!

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